Five CBD Trends for 2019

CBD has gone mainstream and is expected to be $22 billion industry by 2022. With its increasing popularity, we are seeing CBD infused candies, waters, coffee, lotions, balms, mascara, foods, and even pet treats popping up everywhere, and this trend is going to continue to grow throughout 2019.


With an ever-expanding landscape of CBD products, more people than ever before are finding a place for CBD in their wellness routines. Today's CBD offerings are limitless, from chocolates, capsules, and vaporizers to luxury beauty products and even CBD oil for dogs


So, what trends in 2019 will shape the future of the CBD industry?

1) CBD in Mass Retailers

As the popularity of CBD continues to grow we will see more CBD products made available in mass retailers, grocery stores, pharmacy chains, department stores, and beauty stores.


Rite Aid just announced it would start selling CBD products in nearly 800 stores along with Walgreens and CVS, which both announced that they would start selling topical creams and lip balms products that contain CBD. It seems like CBD is showing up in more and more places every day. It is even being offered at Family Video stores in Michigan.


The adoption by retail stores is an important step in introducing CBD products to the mass market, as up until now many of the retailers who have started carrying CBD products have done so as a luxury offering, including Neiman Marcus and Barneys and beauty retailers like Sephora, were also among the first out of the gate to sell more CBD products. In 2019 CBD will be available just about everywhere you shop.

2) CBD-Infused Beverages

As new ways to use CBD are hitting the market, some beverage brands are leading the way with CBD infused sparkling waters, infused coffees, teas, sodas, and even CBD infused cocktails. Rumors have surfaced that The Coca-Cola Company was also getting into the CBD industry. Coke is reportedly in talks with Canadian company Aurora Cannabis to create a Coca-Cola branded CBD beverage. There is also speculation that Starbucks could be the first fast-food chain to roll out CBD beverages. 


Health-conscious Americans are trending towards more health and wellness products and CBD beverages are considered by most consumers to be a wellness and anti-inflammatory product. CBD beverages are also increasing in both popularity and availability as CBD and cannabis products are becoming legalized in more states across the country.


With bars across the country starting to serve up CBD infused cocktails, happy hour just got a whole lot happier. You can expect CBD beverages to continue to be a major trend this year.

3) CBD Topicals 


CBD topicals are seeing tremendous popularity today as an increasing number of brands are now offering CBD in a salve or cream designed to be applied directly to the skin. While on the surface it seems like the CBD industry is mainly focused on CBD infused beverages, consumers actually prefer topicals over CBD infused beverages and CBD edibles.


Topical CBD is a great choice whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or just the aches and stiffness of everyday life. Topical CBD oil can offer relief from pain and inflammation and with very few side effects. The main advantage of CBD oil in a topical form is that it can be applied directly to whatever part of the body aches and can immediately go to work exactly where the pain relief is needed.


There’s a growing body of scientific evidence to support the use of topical CBD products to ease pain, inflammation, and the symptoms of arthritis. CBD has shown therapeutic potential for relief of arthritis pain-related behaviors and inflammation without evident side-effects. More scientific research is needed to confirm all of CBD’s benefits, but the initial research into topical use is very promising.


Hemp and CBD oil are also increasingly popular skin care ingredients. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can reduce rashes and irritation on the skin just as well as it can ease muscle aches and joint stiffness.


Topicals are a logical first step for new consumers wanting to explore the CBD benefits and see what CBD can offer them. CBD oil will show up in more and more everyday topicals products throughout 2019.

4) Catering to the Luxury CBD Market

These days, the cannabis industry is dealing in the second type of green: the luxury market. As consumer demand grows luxury consumers are looking for high-end luxury CBD offerings.


Unsurprisingly, the CBD dessert market has exploded in popularity and there is an abundance of luxury offerings in the desert market, from Ecuadorian dark chocolate CBD chocolate bars to CBD fruit gumdrops.


CBD has also become a popular ingredient in luxury beauty products from high-end skincare creams and lotions to pain-relieving CBD balms and body lotions.


You can expect the luxury CBD trend to continue to thrive in 2019.

5)  Growing Pains for CBD Supply Chain

As sales have increased exponentially, the demand for CBD products has also increased, stretching the industry's present supply chain. Hemp growers, product formulators, lab workers, and extraction specialists are in high demand and short supply. CBD companies are also in dire need for specialized marketing experts and sales specialists to appeal to their customer base and attract new customers. 


In addition to supply chain issues, there are also legal confusions as well. While hemp was legalized in 2018, the legality of CBD itself can vary from state to state. The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (also known as the 2018 Farm Bill), removed hemp as a Schedule I substance and reclassified it as an “agricultural commodity.”  Since then, the legal status of CBD has become more defined with recent reforms but some laws are still unclear and others reforms may still be needed. Hopefully, 2019 will bring some clarity to these issues.

The CBD Revolution Continues in 2019...

Though it’s been around for ages, 2018 was the year that CBD burst onto the health and wellness scene. CBD is claimed to help with a wide variety of health conditions from chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, substance use disorders, to central nervous system diseases. We believe CBD is here to stay for the long haul. The growth and acceptance of CBD may help usher in plant and cannabis medicines that offer promising results for patients and everyday therapeutic users. The future for CBD is bright.


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