The Real Deal On CBD

There is huge buzz around CBD from hemp these days. Why?

Lately CBD tinctures, vapes, oils, rubs, bath bombs, lotions, drinks, etc are everywhere. Do you know why?

CBD has NATURAL healing* properties!

See hemp is actually a cannabis plant but it has extremely low THCMeaning you will not get “high” but still get many benefits!! These plants are made up of cannabinoids that can have healing properties when we use them as a supplement. Cannabidiol or CBD is just one of the healing cannabinoids that mother nature has given us in these plants. CBD is clinically proven to help with pain, anxiety, seizures and sleep disorders as well as many other ailments.  

CBD does not make you high. It is legal in all 50 states and you will not become addicted to it like many pharmaceuticals.  

I started taking CBD when my stress level began to elevate. About two years ago, I had a lot on my plate from working 80 hours a week while building side businesses, to home life and just the everyday grind.

I wasn’t sleeping well, I would toss and turn. I had a mountain of stress, and was handling everything but not taking care of myself internally. I began to eat better (I still wasn’t paleo at the time), go to yoga (not as often as I should have) and noticed some improvements.

Even though diet and exercise helped, I was still getting restless nights of sleep.

It was as if no matter how many sheep I counted, I would still toss and turn. I had a never ending stream of thoughts! I even stressed myself out so much that by the age of 28,I HAD SHINGLES. 

This is when I was introduced to CBD tinctures.

I started taking CBD at night and within days I was sleeping better. I was awoken to the power of CBD by trying it myself for a full month. 

The next month I purchased another CBD from a different company and I noticed I didn’t have the same feeling that I did from the first tincture. I was confused, it was the same dosage, but it didn’t seem as effective. I quickly came to the conclusion that ALL CBD IS NOT CREATED EQUAL.


This is why I personally stand behind the products that are sold by Sōrô Botanicals LLC

To ensure that myself, my friends, my family and followers all have the opportunity and access to quality CBD products, I along with my father, mother & wife, created a first of its kind company. I am so proud and excited to introduce you to Sōrô. 

The mission of our company is to only distribute top of the line products, to customers. The tinctures we offer are AMAZING and the Topical CBD helps SO MUCH after a great workout and for any little ache or pain!


 Pharmaxtracts 2500 MG Tincture

Wildflower Healing CBD Stick

Each product is:


The best part is before Sōrô distributes CBD from select companies, a panel of real people test and approve the manufacturer.

Chase Your Dreams & Be You!

Love Always,

Courtney Chase