Your Guide to Self-Care with Pure, High Quality CBD Products

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, its likely you’ve seen or heard about the growing trend of CBD & hemp products for everyday use. From pills to lotions to edibles and much more these life changing products have been credited with helping treat or lessen side-effects in some medical conditions including epileptic seizures, inflammation, pain and anxiety.

But with the news seemingly swirling with new legislation, new products, and differing views on the substances you might be asking yourself: What is CBD?

 SoRo Botanicals is here to help provide you information to answer that question!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that has been extracted into an oil form. When you see websites or stores talk about CBD for sale, the products they’re referring to are non-intoxicating and do not cause euphoric effects, like many people think because of it’s relation to marijuana.

It’s very important though to keep in mind when you go to buy CBD oil, that you ensure the products you’re purchasing are made from pure CBD. Like any hot product on the market there are always knock offs, so it’s expected that some CBD products being sold online may not be pure or potentially contain THC.

To avoid this issue when you buy CBD, ensure you read the ingredients carefully, confirming the products contains less than .31% THC, otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol. THC will give the euphoric effects of being high, which pure CBD oil for sale is more medically focused and does not

Alongside CBD oil is another popular product known as a CBD tincture! A CBD tincture is a dietary supplement that has a very potent cannabidiol content extremely similar to CBD oil but is more concentrated.

Because a pure CBD tincture is so much more concentrated, a much smaller dose is required to produce the same results. Whether it is being used as an anti-inflammatory or an antiseptic compound, we always suggested that you consult a doctor first!

Is CBD Oil for Sale Similar to Marijuana?

Many people conflate CBD with marijuana interchangeably but that isn’t accurate. CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent of active ingredient in marijuana.

This leads to many people concerned and asking, “if I take the best CBD oil then will I just get really high?” This certainly IS NOT the case.

Even pure CBD won’t have this effect on a person because the active ingredient is derived directly from the hemp plant which is a cousin to the marijuana plant and is avoiding the psychedelic ingredients of THC.

Which brings us back to the message to ensure you are taking a pure CBD oil or a pure CBD tincture, with the amount of THC in the product below 0.31%.

CBD Dosage Control

Dosage control is a very important task to utilize when taking CBD products. CBD dosage should be monitored and measured each and every time you utilize the substance. Because you are ingesting the CBD oil, the effects are strictly controlled through dosage.

A CBD tincture allows for control of the dosage but once it has entered the bloodstream all you can do is wait for it to pass through. Again, why it’s so important to maintain control over the dosage amount from start to finish!

Pure CBD oil, when ingested, is immediately absorbed into the stomach, and requires time to pass through the liver. For example let’s say instead of 2 drops you decide 6 should be fine when in reality you’ve never taken that much at once: this explains how an individual could experience unwanted results from the substance.  

Once again not to get confused with the side-effects that higher-THC percentage products have, you will not get high from ingesting too much CBD oil but may experience nausea and other minor side-effects.

So after you buy CBD oil for the first time, simply start with small doses and have someone other than yourself around to monitor you in case you take too much and start to feel a little sick! This is also why it is important to consult a doctor before using pure CBD in case there are other potential risks associated with your health background.

Benefits & Qualities of Pure CBD Oil


High quality & pure CBD oil is extremely beneficial for a multitude of reasons.

Pure CBD is derived from a plant which someone has grown just like the carrots or strawberries you buy at the store. When you go to buy CBD, would you be comfortable knowing that the farmer growing that plan had been using pesticides?

Of course not!

As individuals we have empowered ourselves with the knowledge of how our food and health products are gown and sourced. This makes us keenly aware of the unsafe practices being used on growing produce today. Just like produce, it is extremely important to make sure that you are seeking out pure CBD oil for sale and not just anyone’s product.

The best CBD oil available is organic and contains the correct cannabinoid molecules that interact with the endocannabinoid system in a positive way for your body!

One quick way to tell if the CBD for sale is pure is the price.

When it comes to buying CBD oil online or in person, the price can really tell a large truth about the quality of the product. You really don’t want to skimp out because one is so much cheaper than another…

CBD oil for sale should be treated like any other product you are willing to put in your body: you get what you pay for.

Is it Safe to Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

Just like in humans, CBD oil can have incredibly positive effects for the furry friend in your life too!

CBD oil for dogs is a newer concept than it is for humans, but research has found CBD for dogs can help with:

  • reducing anxiety
  • fighting caner
  • treating seizures & epilepsy
  • relieving pain
  • increasing appetite
  • helping relieve inflammatory bowel disease
  • protecting the nervous system

They even offer CBD dog treats so monitoring the dosage can be that much easier!

With all the CBD oil benefits, those suffering or know someone suffering from a medical condition should consult with a doctor and see if pure CBD oil can make the daily-difference!