About Soro Botanicals


SoRo Botanicals LLC is a living dream!
Our mission is to provide high quality CBD products & accessories to people around the world who prefer all natural & pure remedies to age old ailments.
SoRo believes in the power of Hemp to promote wellness in individuals with chronic pain, inflammation, mental illness & much more. Through our site we provide the highest-quality CBD products from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, while simultaneously educating our customers about the benefits of CBD to help heal & empower their lives.
We provide information at every aspect of our customers buying journey, guiding them through the decision of which product is the right fit for their lifestyle. Whether you're looking for CBD oil in California or you're looking for CBD Oil in Florida or ANYWHERE in between, Soro Botanicals has you covered!
Once you’ve tried our pure CBD products as a healthy alternative from your typical supplements, you’ll see why so many of our customers come back time and again!